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> All of this wrangling is sure to provide fodder for the presidential

> campaign. Clarke is perhaps not the most neutral source. Last year

> Clarke's best friend, Rand Beers, quit as the White House's

> counterterrorism chief after complaining-over glasses of wine on

> Clarke's front porch-about the wrong-headedness of Bush's plan to

> invade Iraq. Beers is now a principal foreign-policy adviser to Kerry.

> In the days and months ahead, Kerry will attack Bush for aiming at the

> wrong enemy; Bush will attack Kerry for waffling on the war on Iraq.

> Meanwhile, as we learn more about what the U.S. government did, and

> did not do, before 9/11, there is plenty of blame to go around for

> everyone.

Brian Walton
Director of Radio Operations
Bush-Cheney '04