Kerry Booed In Michigan After Saying “I Just Go For Buckeye Football.”  “‘We just came from Bowling Green, and I was smart enough not to pick a choice between the Falcons and the, you know . . . all the other teams out there. I just go for Buckeye football, that's where I'm coming out.’ As a smattering of boos alerted him to his faux pas, Kerry tried to right his wrong: ‘That's while I was in Ohio. Now I'm in the state of Michigan, and your great big “M” and a powerhouse of a team, and the bottom line is all of us are still waiting for Massachusetts to somehow get in there.’” (Glen Johnson, “In Campaign Game, Occasional Fumbles,” The Boston Globe, 8/5/04)


In Wisconsin, Kerry Told Voters He’d Be “In Trouble” If He Didn’t “Find Some Baby Backs Over There At Speed Queen Bar-B-Q And A Double-Dip Vanilla At Leon’s,” But Ended Up Eating A Filet Mignon And Asparagus At A Lakefront Restaurant Instead.  (Jim Stingl, Op-Ed, “Kerry’s Comments Hard To Swallow,” Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 8/4/04)



Campaigning In New York, “At The Same Time They Posed For Pictures Chomping Down On Fast Food At Wendy’s, John Kerry And John Edwards — The Wealthiest Presidential Ticket Of All Time — Had Gourmet Box Lunches Waiting For Them In Their Bus.”  After posing for pictures at Wendy’s, Kerry and Edwards ate a deluxe boxed lunch of  “shrimp vindaloo, grilled diver sea scallops, prosciutto-wrapped stuffed chicken and steak salad” on their bus.  (Richard Johnson, “Kerry Sneaks In Fast Food,” New York Post, 8/4/04)



Kerry Called Group Of President Bush Supporters “Goons.”  “The high-stakes intensity of the campaign could also be seen Monday in noisy confrontations between Kerry and Bush supporters and the use of bullhorns and air horns by a small group of Bush supporters to try to disrupt the speeches, prompting Kerry and his wife to respond to what the candidate termed ‘goons.’  While she was introducing her husband, Teresa Heinz Kerry referred to the group's audible call for ‘Four more years.’  Said Heinz Kerry, ‘They want four more years of hell.’”  (Craig Gilbert And Alan J. Borsuk, “ ‘Everything Is At Stake,’ Kerry Tells Riverfront Crowd,” The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/3/04)


Riding Across Lake Michigan, Kerry Causes A Stir By Standing At The Bow Of His Ferry Ala “Titanic” And Holding His Arms Out In The Wind. “Out on the open water, Kerry stood at the bow and held his arms wide in the pose made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie ‘Titanic.’” (Nedra Pickler, “Kerry Says Bush Policies Encouraged Terrorist Recruitment, The Associated Press, 8/2/04)


Kerry Dons “Sanitary Suit…Supplying The Media With A Photo Custom-Made For Parody.” BRIAN WILLIAMS, NBC: “The Democrats want this to be a positive convention, more biography of John Kerry than attack on George W. Bush.”  SENATOR JOHN KERRY: “There is no better place to launch something than right here at Cape Canaveral.”  WILLIAMS: “The soon-to-be nominee campaigned today in Florida. During a tour of NASA, Kerry put on a sanitary suit inside a space shuttle orbiter, thus supplying the media with a photo custom-made for parody. Posted almost instantly on the Drudge Report online. Like a bride before the wedding, Kerry won't be seen by the delegates until his acceptance Thursday night.”  (NBC’s “NBC Nightly News,” 7/26/04)




In Front Of Home Crowd At Fenway, Kerry Walks To Mound “Showered With Both Cheers And Boos” And Bounces Pitch Short Of Home Plate. “The schedule switch, which brought Mr. Kerry just three miles from the FleetCenter, where he will accept the nomination on Thursday night, was designed to draw maximum publicity, showcasing the regular-guy baseball fan rather than the staid four-term senator in the Democrats' weeklong reintroduction of their candidate.  With the game presented nationally on ESPN, Mr. Kerry was showered with both cheers and boos as he strode to the mound, where he tossed the first pitch toward Will Pumyea, 23, a Massachusetts National Guard veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who wore fatigues. The ball bounced in front of the catcher.”  (Jodi Wilgoren, “Kerry Visit To Fenway Is Changeup In Schedule,” The New York Times, 7/26/04)