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Schundler Calls on Corzine and Codey to Preserve Petty’s Island

Condemns Pay-To-Play Scheme


Bret Schundler, Republican Candidate for Governor, today called on Senator Jon Corzine and Acting Governor Dick Codey to reject the pressure of pay-to-play kingpin George Norcross and support the preservation of Petty’s Island in Pennsauken.


“There is only one thing standing in the way of preservation of Petty’s Island,” Schundler said, “the corrupt Camden Democrat machine and Boss Norcross.”  Schundler pointed to a recent Philadelphia Inquirer article that proves Norcross pressured DEP Commissioner Brad Campbell to block the preservation plan.


“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something special for the people of South Jersey, to provide 400 acres of green space in a highly urbanized area,” said Schundler.  “Citgo has offered to clean up Petty’s Island and transform it into a nature preserve at no cost to the State’s taxpayers.  This is an unprecedented offer at a time when the State spends millions of dollars every year to buy open space.  This offer has been rejected for one reason, the financial interests of Democratic political bosses.  It is time for Senator Corzine and Governor Codey to stand up, reject the pay-to-play culture and do the right thing,” Schundler said.


Schundler noted that the preservation could be accomplished simply by Governor Codey convening a meeting of the Natural Lands Trust and directing one of the DEP appointees to vote in favor of accepting the donated property.  In September, the NLT met to consider accepting the property from Citgo but rejected the offer when no governmental member of the Trust voted in favor of the donation, a requirement for any action of the Trust to be adopted.


“Every environmental group in the State as well as many local residents support the preservation plan.  It seems, however, that massive political donations made by the developer and its associates have perverted the decision-making process,” Schundler said.  Schundler noted that a review of State ELEC records show the developer, Cherokee Investment Partners, and those associated with it, gave well over half a million dollars to major Democratic campaign committees over the last four years.  Major recipients include the Democratic State committee, the Middlesex County Democratic Organization, the Camden County Democratic Committee and the New Democratic Assembly Leadership PAC.


Schundler concluded by stating “Jon Corzine says he wants to be our Governor.  Public accounts have revealed that he has spread $5 million around the state to buy political favor with the Democrat Bosses.  Now Democrat Boss Norcross has intervened and perverted the process to preserve Petty’s Island.  I am calling on Jon Corzine and Dick Codey to demand that the NLT convene immediately.  They should also insist that DEP Commissioner Brad Campbell instruct his department members on the NLT to vote in favor of preserving Petty’s Island, something he was initially favorable to doing prior to being ordered by Boss Norcross to do otherwise”


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