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Swift Boat Vet Receives Help from Former Whistle-Blower

Gary Aldrich reaches out to man under fire



Steve Gardner, member of the effective 527 group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, is getting legal and financial help from Gary Aldrich, former whistle-blower and president of The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty. Gardner, also know as “The 10th Brother”, was one of two men who courageously refused to stand with Senator John Kerry at the Democratic convention. As a result of this and an interview he gave stressing his strong opposition to a Kerry presidency, Gardner suffered threats, insults, and, finally, a mysterious firing from his lucrative employment.  Gardner, an exemplary manager, was fired within 24-hours of the release of the article detailing his strong opinions against Kerry.  In a phone call, Gardner’s former manager admitted that top company officials were “Democrats” but denied that Gardner’s anti-Kerry stance played any part. 


Gardner kept his firing quiet, but a Chicago Sun Times reporter became aware and wrote an article revealing the firing.  Gardner became a household name as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other conservative talk-show hosts interviewed him or talked about his plight, questioning his former employer’s blatant act of whistle-blower retaliation.


Gary Aldrich:  “I contacted Steve Gardner and offered my help.  It’s very important that when a whistle-blower has the courage to reveal significant truth bearing on important decisions made by our countrymen, that that whistle-blower is not punished, and at the end of the day is no worse off for doing the right thing.”


Gary Aldrich suffered similar retaliation when his best-selling book, Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House, rankled the Clintons’ and the Reno Justice Department where Aldrich was employed as an FBI agent in the White House in 1996.  Because of the attacks on Aldrich and his subsequent vindication, he formed The Patrick Henry Center to assist and inspire other whistle-blowers to come forward.



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January 10, 2005