Photo Evidence Of Damage
From Nuke Plant Failing Pump
Nuclear Power 101 - When You Can Sweep Parts
Off The Floor, It's Shaking Too Much
From Scott D. Portzline
Jeff -
Here is a picture of collateral damage at the Hope Creek NJ reactor. This is a valve used for Residual Heat Removal. The damage was caused by the shaking of Circulation Pump B. During the last cycle of operation, that violent shaking actually caused valve handwheels and limit switches to vibrate loose and fall to the floor.
Nuclear 101 - when you can sweep parts off the floor, it's shaking too much! One of the fixes by the designers is to allow operating the damaged valve and others without those handwheels. The proper repair would be to replace the warped shaft in Circulation Pump B at a cost of $7-8 million dollars. That's just a pittance of the $12 billion dollars being spent by Exelon to buy the plant. he NRC has given its seal of approval to operate the reactor despite the risks.
Scott Portzline



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January 12, 2005