Mayor Langford offered his first and only public comments on this issue today on "Hurley in the Morning"
Millennium Radio New Jersey, WKXW AM 1450  
Additionlly, Mayor Langford publicly offered his "full confidence and support in Fire Chief John Bereheiko"... The Mayor also confirmed that the full details of the Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie visit to Atlantic City had not been provided to him during the approval process ... "However, I support our Fire Department and this Fox Television Program coming to Atlantic City, so long as all departmental rules and regulations are followed," said Langford ...
Langford also confirmed that his "final approval of this program occurred after consultation with Atlantic City's legal staff "... 
Mayor Langford also publcily addressed (today on "Hurley") the "distinct difference between this type of reality television show potentially appearing at a Middle School vs. an adult setting such as the Maryland Avenue Firehouse in Atlantic City," said Langford  ... Langford also stated that he "believes that this show is not for a target audience of 11 to 14 years ... yet, Atlantic City, in a totally adult setting is not a problem," said Langford ...
Langford's intervention in the last few days also led to a prior plan to have Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie spend the night at the Maryland Avenue Firehouse to be scrapped ... "We have a standing policy about females, who are not firefighters from being at a City Fire Station after 10:00 p.m." said Langford  
The event in Atlantic City will go on as (now) planned for this Friday ...

January 12, 2005