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“Schundler has a 62%-7% favorable rating among primary voters.” 


“Bret Schundler is clearly the man to beat …,” said PublicMind’s Academic Associate Rick Thigpen, while Fairleigh Dickinson University Research Professor of Political Science Stephen Salmore adds that, “The latest results from FDU’s PublicMind Poll confirm the conventional wisdom among Republican activists that Bret Schundler is the front runner for the GOP gubernatorial nomination this year.”


Today, released the results of a Fairleigh Dickinson University poll which asked respondents whether, or not, they recognized Republican gubernatorial primary candidates.  Four of the six declared candidates “could not be recognized by even a third of New Jersey voters,” claims the press release from PublicMind, the Fairleigh Dickinson body which ran the poll.


The results of this poll reinforce what has been on the minds of politicos around the state for the past few months, namely that Schundler leads the crowded field of GOP primary contenders.  From his impressive showing at his campaign kickoff in November to his dedicated and devoted grassroots base, he has shown that he has the support to win both the primary and the general election.


“It just demonstrates Bret Schundler’s message of reforming the corrupt and free-spending culture of Trenton is resonating with the people,” said Sal Risalvato, spokesman for the Schundler campaign.

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re form (rĭ –fôrm)
n. 1 A change for the better as a
result of correcting abuses. 2. A campaign
aimed to correct abuses or malpractices.

January 9, 2005