Mon Jan 24 2005 10:58:46 ET

Here we go again...

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is about to get the full 60 MINUTES treatment.

CBSNEWS Lesley Stahl and her crew crashed a tsunami-relief photo op that Republican DeLay held last week.

Stahl hit DeLay with questions about Ronnie Earle, the Democratic Travis County district attorney who is investigating a Texas political action committee founded by DeLay.

“This is about children,” DeLay told Stahl, trying as hard as he could to put a plug in her relentless line of questioning.

Stahl hammered away.

After about the third question, DeLay ended the press conference.

DeLay spokesman Jonathan Grella said of the 60 MINUTES crew: “They couldn’t have picked a more inappropriate time to ask petty partisan questions when we’re working on protecting the lives of orphaned children affected by the tsunami.”

60 MINUTES spokesman Kevin Tedesco explained, “Lesley Stahl has every right to ask questions at a news conference.”

ROLL CALL reports how Stahl made a point of clarifying to the gathered congressmen that she works for the Sunday 60 MINUTES - not the shamed Wednesday night 60 MINUTES II that aired Dan Rather's now-infamous Bush report.


January 24, 2005