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Schundler Reaffirms His Commitment to Reform as Former McGreevey Fundraiser is Sentenced to 24 Months

Today as David D’Amiano joined Charles Kushner as yet another friend of the McGreevey Administration to be sentenced for bribery and corruption, Bret Schundler called on the state to end its culture of corruption and again positioned himself as the true reform candidate in the upcoming elections.

“Democrats in New Jersey seem to have forgotten the very fundamentals of public service, namely that they serve at the pleasure of the people – and not for their own personal gain,” Schundler said.  “The flagrant misuse of power and rampant corruption directly contradicts our state’s founding principles.  These politicians need to know that New Jersey is not for sale!”



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re form (rĭ –fôrm)
n. 1 A change for the better as a
result of correcting abuses. 2. A campaign
aimed to correct abuses or malpractices.

January 28, 2005