Schundler Reaction to Corzine “Plan”


After the citizens public interest group Common Cause asked him to support their proposed ban on pay-to-play in 2001, Bret Schundler become the first politician in the state of New Jersey to offer real pay- to- play reform, and considering that thousands of other New Jersey politicians have since jumped on board to demand real reform, one had to wonder if Jon Corzine – the poster boy for pay-to-play - was planning on becoming the last elected official on the ship.


In a rather surreal moment, Jon Corzine today gave a speech on ethics in government.  The gist of the speech is that he, Jon Corzine, is the only person who can put ethics back into New Jersey State government and end pay-to-play. And that the key to solving our fiscal problems is to add yet another layer of bureaucracy in the form of an elected controller.




According to Jon Corzine, this elected comptroller “will answer to the people and no one else?”


Jon Corzine and his family have personally contributed over $8 million dollars to other candidates and Democratic organizations.  Jon Corzine’s mother gave $37,000 to the Bergen County Democratic Organization. And together Jon and mom gave over $111,600 combined to that same organization at the end of 2004 alone.  Are we to believe that Jon Corzine donates $8 million to political campaigns and asks nothing in return? That John Corzine’s mom – an Illinois resident - has a compelling need to help Democrats in Bergen County? That Jon Corzine is not the poster child for the influence money has in elections today? That John Corzine is the man to end pay-to-play?”


According to Jon Corzine, “it is even worse when government fails to meet basic standards – because the programs are inefficient and agencies become pawns of special interests, the public is cheated . . . “


So Jon Corzine’s solution to New Jersey government failing to meet the basic needs of its people and failing to provide necessary funding for schools and local communities is to add another layer of bureaucracy in the form of another state office?  That is his plan? And that actually says he would have nothing to do with this new office of comptroller?


“While I applaud the idea of putting ethics back into government, ending pay to play and  streamlining our fiscal house, the time for politicians thinking they can win office simply by offering empty, pretty words must end,” was Bret Schundler’s response.


New Jersey must have a governor who follows a code of ethics all the time – not just in an election year and not just when making a campaign speech. New Jersey must have a governor with a real plan to restore basic services by providing needed money for schools and communities and lowering property taxes once and for all.”


“I have such a plan.  And rather that making speeches filled with tired promises, I am going to take my plan – my concise, clear plan - directly to the people.  We need a modern revolution in New Jersey, not more speeches from fat cats.”








February 11, 2005       (HarryHurley.com)