When airtime is offered to all candidates running for the same office ... that ends the equal time rule ... How can Pinky not know this?
The lengths that Pinky Kravitz is going to run cover for Bob Levy is disturbing at this point ...
Imagine under Pinkie's incredulous interpretation of what constitutes equal time ... Pinky is allowing a challenger, who accepted a date/time for a debate ... to control what occurs after he reneges on such short notice ... Pinky is giving more weight to an invisible challenger ... then he is an incumbent Mayor?
For that matter, under Pinky's strange rules an incumbent could simply refuse to debate and then you couldn't offer the challenger(s) the opportunity to debate and be heard by the public ... Equal time rules you know!
And, even if Pinky still has to offer Levy another hour of airtime (after Langford keeps the date that Levy abandoned) ... so what? 
Pinky's conduct this Primary Election season has been nothing short of a disgrace ...
Had not industrious callers (led by Don Hurley) and the Mayor (Langford) himself pressed Kravitz ... Pinky was prepared to cancel the Mayor's appearance in favor of a cowardly challenger ... All under the disguise of Equal Time requirements!
Langford is keeping his 5:00 p.m. commitment tomorrow night ... But, shame on you Pinky Kravitz ... You are losing credibility by the day during this campaign ...
Also, Pinky, please save the attorney billable hours on this one ... You have offered equal time ... You have complied with the Equal Time requirement ... And, you can always offer Levy an hour, where he can read from his cheat sheets and you can run
cover for him like you have done throughout this entire campaign ...
But, somehow, I don't think that this is what this is about at all ... Anyone who heard the last 10-15 minutes of Pinky's 4pm hour today knows exactly what's going on here ...  
It's a disgrace ... The moment Levy bailed out ... Levy didn't even do this himself ... Actually, he had two campaign operatives deliver an unsigned note, allegedly written by Levy ... Which advised that he would not be participating in the debate ... Under "normal" circumstances a radio talk show host would be very talkative and voice displeasure in what was done and the way it was done ...
But not Pinky ... Not a single word of criticism for Levy ... Even now!
Langford intends to keep his 5:00 p.m. commitment tomorrow night ... Amazingly, he actually had to fight to keep the date ... Something is very wrong with this twisted campaign season ...
However, the voters of Atlantic City will sort all of it by June 7th!
EDITOR'S NOTE: I must commend my identical twin Brother Don Hurley ... Don has been one of the strongest citizen voices during this sick and twisted Atlantic City campaign ... Don does this knowing that gutless, cheap-shot artists will relentlessly attack him ... Don has been recovering from a great many physical challenges ... Sick people with no souls actually criticize Don and ask rhetorically how this part of his body is doing, etc.
And, while he has many physical issues to overcome ... And he's working hard to do this ... His VOICE is very very strong ... And, this is what is bothers the liars who are trying to steal an election in Atlantic City ...
Don Hurley has been one of the most effective advocates a candidate could ever wish for ... I am proud of him and his professional participation in this campaign ... Don is not allowing anyone ... Talk Show Hosts ... anyone ... to get away with twisted games and lies ... He's calling everyone on their bull ... I love it! 

May 17, 2005         HarryHurley.com